An investment in knowledge pays the best interest

- Benjamin Franklin.

Our Mission and Vision

Utilize cutting-edge technology to offer you the best learning experience.

To provide individuals with the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to lead productive and fulfilling lives

To create a community where all our students can learn and earn effectively

To partner with top-class companies and training institutes to bridge the gap between academia and industries.

Causes We Care About

Training the next generation of talent and connecting them with top institutes and top companies

Learner's problem

Their skills are not relevant to what the fast-paced industry needs even after completing skill based course


There are numerous institutes available that provide knowledge but we suggest the best institute


No mentorship from experts that can accelerate student's learning

Company's problem
   Finding talent

Difficult to find candidates with a relevant skill set that matches their needs


High expenditure to train new employees, companies spend over 50k to do it

Institute's problem

Chance to reach a number of interested students with fewer efforts


Enhancing their teaching methodologies, certified course content & certified faculties


Tie up with tech me and stay stable in a hugely competitive market with a new strategy.

The Solutions We Offer

Training the next generation of talent and connecting them with top institutes and top companies


Base on your requirement we suggest best career institute


On company demand we provide certified syllabus and students


Decrease tha gap between fresher and experience staff


Make every student industry ready with TechMe program


We suggest opportunities & work with your dream companies!


help to leave you comfort zone and become innovative Entrepreneur

How TechMe Program Work

Improve your skill, invest in yourself.

Our Principles


Quality education doesn't need to be expensive.

Why should we have to spend a huge amount on such fundamental and transformational expertise?


Education needs to be Flexible and Convenient.

It should adapt to your daily routine, not vice versa. Why should you have to leave your job or put your life on pause for two years?


You should be learning from those who've been there, done that.

Let's face it, Experience beats theory every time. Surely it makes sense, therefore, that your teachers have a real-world, tangible experience rather than just cumulative hours in front of a chalkboard?


Education needs to be coherent.

Is it really necessary to spend hundreds (sometimes thousands) of hours in a classroom? It's scientifically proven that your brain disconnects after a certain point. So, why not learn in small doses?


Education needs to be up to date.

The business world has changed more in the last 10 years than in the previous 40. Is everything you studied in your degree or MBA still applicable today?


Business education doesn't need to be regulated.

An official certification doesn't always mean quality - rather following an inflexible system, traditionally slow at adapting to our digital world.


Knowing how to put theory into practice is what sets you apart.

What's the point of accumulating theoretical ideas for hours on end without even knowing how to apply them?

Mentors Practitioners.😎


Our core strength is our partnership with leading Corporate that helps us in placing learners into their DREAM JOBS or ENTREPRENEUR.

Our Team

Our leading professionals working in a team starting from developing the course framework to placing learners.


All the courses have been prepared by the industry experts and so it will be helpful to all institutes very well.

Knowledge Partner

We have partnered with the world's best educational institutions and companies so upscaling industry will become very easy

# Select the best institute from the top 1%

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